Damian & Trina Mandola

The Mandolas bring decades of culinary experience to each of their ventures.

Damian's 30+ years of experience started with "Damian's Fine Italian Food"- a restaurant he started as a college senior in 1975. Trina's 20+ years began in high school, working for the famous Swinging Door Bar-B-Que in her hometown of Richmond, Texas.

Damian's experience took him from his first restaurant to becoming a fixture in the Houston restaurant scene, first with D'Amico's, then Damian's Cucina Italiana, then to the national scene with Carrabba's; a restaurant he founded with nephew Johnny Carrabba.

Trina's culinary and event-planning skills were honed at some of Houston's most prestigious restaurants. A love of interacting with her customers also flourished during
those years.

Moving to the Austin area, the Mandola's have promoted Italian culture and cuisine in Texas by opening Mandola's Italian Market. Trina and Damian have created an authentic Italian grocery and eatery with great food, bustling atmosphere and warm hospitality. They look forward to sharing their dream with you.

Trina & Damian Mandola
Trina & Damian Mandola

Dominic & Damian Jr. Mandola

Dominic is the most recent of the Mandola clan to join the family business and being a twin, causes much confusion with the customers. He is a culinary school graduate and has experience in the retail wine business, with preference in Italian wine, naturally, putting him in charge of wine buying for all 3 Mandola's Italian. Dominic can be found at the location in Arbor Trails off William Cannon and South Mopac.  

Damian Jr. moved back to Texas and began working with the family upon completion of his degree in International Relations at Boston University in 2006. Wanting to learn more about his ancestry and culture, he began taking Italian language classes and then studied history, art and politics in Rome, Italy his Junior year of college while immersing himself in the Italian lifestyle. As he hungers to learn more about food and all things Italian, Damian Jr, or just DJ, can be found at the original Mandola's Italian location in the Triangle.

Dominic & Damian Jr. Mandola
Dominic, Damian and Damian Jr. Mandola